IBS In the plants, our instruments are in operation permanently, i.e. independent from the status of the engineering process. This can be normal operation, start up, shut down or standstill.

The microwave instruments are designed for ambient temperatures of about:
-20°C to +85°C or -4°F to +185°F.

The NIR-spectrometer is designed for ambient temperatures of about:
-20°C to +40°C or -4°F to +104°F.

For both measuring devices the temperature range of the to be rated product is
>0°C to +130°C or 32°F to +266°F. (on request +140°C or +284°F)

The measuring instruments provides the rated values as standard-analog signals (0/4 - 20 mA) for the further processing in superposed open-loop-, closed-loop or control systems.
The measuring instruments can be pre-calibrated for different product-lines, the change from product 1 to product 2 is effected by manual operation or by the superposed system.
The manual fine-tuning of parameters in the microwave-instruments is realized with the user interface of the evaluation unit. The user interface of each evaluation unit is menu controlled. This is realized by soft keys with a keypad control. This means, that the soft keys below the display with 2 x 24 characters have a different relevance in dependence of the status of operation.


For all sensor systems of our measuring equipments regulations for installation are worked out. The required mechanical devices like welding-sockets or -flanges are in the scope of supply of the measuring equipment and delivered by us. Normally the client takes responsibility of the mounting.

For each of our measurement instruments a manual is available. In detail every step of commissioning is explained. The commissioning is also an option in our offers and can be executed by us. We also offer professional training's, to make sure, that our clients have the capability to provide commissioning, calibration and process operation on their own.

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