BRIX- measurement

  • state of the art microwave engineering
  • particularly laid out for the BRIX measurement of sugar
  • compact design
  • wear-free
  • maintenance-free
  • connection DN65 PN6, others on request
  • precalibrated
  • optional remote control from a PC or separate operating device (HK6 -F)

The HK6 -C is an in-line microwave measurement instrument to measure the BRIX content in the running sugar production.
BRIX is the percentage by weight of sugar in pure water solution.

The microwave measurement devices generate an electromagnetic wave of low energy. This signal is coupled via an antenna into the product.

Depending on the dielectric properties of the product the signal propagates in the product. After the signal has passed the product a second antenna receives the signal (Transmission).

Amplitude and phase shift of the received signal are an expression for the water content or dry matter of the product.

The microwave measurement is very stable and it has a quick response to product changes.
Transmissions signal passes through
an in-homogenous product


HK6-F Remote control
HK6 -F with remote control
Is the measuring point not accessible the HK6-F (field construction) with integrated pin antennas and a DN65 flange is the best choice. The operation is made then by remote control with 8m cable connection (optional up to 50 meter).

The HK6 is using our pin antennas, where an optional cleaning could be included. We advise you gladly which antennas for which application or measuring kind the best results supply.

The HK6- CLN is the only compact solution on the market for the continuous measurement of the BRIX content at a continuous cooking pan.

If an instrument whiteout cleaning function is installed at a continuous cooking pan, the antennas are covered with crystalline sugar in a short time.

Through the covered antennas, the measurement result is distorted because covered sugar between the antennas is measured. A correct measurement of the BRIX content is therefore impossible.

A HK6- CLN is equipped with an automatically cleaning function, the antennas are cleaned over the whole production in a periodically interval.

The cleaning function ensures a reliable measurement of the BRIX content.

Optional the HK6 can be equipped with a RS-485 interface. With this interface and our HK6 Display software you are able to connect up to 16 devices in a bus and the measured values are displayed in one window.

Technical data:

Measuring procedure Microwave engineering ISM-Band
   Size LxWxH
pressure cast aluminum housing
200 x 140 x 90mm
IP65 / NEMA 4
RAL 5024
   Power supply
   2 Analog outputs
   Temperature sensor
   1 PC interface

100-240V AC, optional 24V DC
0/4 - 20 mA
RS 232 or RS 485
User interface

6 integrated soft keys in keypad
2 x 24 characters illuminated
Antennas Pin antennas 195 mm / DN65
Ambient conditions
   Environment temperature
   Product temperature

-20°C to +85°C
 >0°C to +130°C (on request +140°C)
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