Sensors and flow cells

for NIR spectralyser (HK4)

Reflection principle:


At the reflection principle, the product is illuminated with white halogen light. The reflected NIR part is detected by the NIR-sensor and transferred to the diode array via an optical fiber.

Transmission principle: 

At the transmission principle the white halogen light streams through the product. This only works, if the product is made of transparent material. The halogen light is received by the NIR-sensor (at the opposite side of the lamp) and is transferred to the diode array via an optical fiber.

The evaluation unit and the NIR sensor are modular developed. Both are connected by an optical fiberglass cable.

For our NIR Spectralyser (HK4) you can choose from following sensors:

flow zell
3A-flow cell high-grade steel

Tank sensor with pick-up flange

Transmission sensors

Flow zell


3A-flow cell DN50 high-grade steel

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