Scalded sausage
HK4 NIR spectralyser


Measurement of up to 4 organic componentes

  • simultaneous online- mesaurement of up to 4 organic componentes (e.g. fat, water, protein, connective tissue protein)
  • specially developed NIR (Near InfraRed) technology with diode array and therefore the first online NIR- spectrometer.
  • modular setup of evaluation unit and halogen sensor
  • transmission or reflection halogen sensor
  • no drift of the measurement values through aging of the lamps
  • independend of color changes
  • no moving parts

Trophy 2006    Innovation award:
The NIR-online-spectrometer HK4 was awarded by CFIA in France with the highest trophy measurement instruments can get in the food industry. At present the HK4 is the only online-spectrometer, to be used in raw process environment, not only in laboratories. The HK4 is developed with the latest online NIR technology with diode array and therefore directing in NIR technology.

Depending upon operational area different sensors are available.

Technical data:
Measuring procedure NIR spectrometer with diode array
   Size LxWxH
stainless steel housing
600 x300 x 167mm
IP65 / NEMA 4
   Power supply
   6 analog outputs
   1 Relays contact
   Temperature sensor
   PC interfaces
   Digital inputs

85-265V AC, optional 24V C
0/4 - 20 mA
max. 5A / 230V
PT 100
RS 232 or RS 485
Ext. Start / Stop
User interface

6 integrated soft keys in keypad
2 x 24 characters illuminated
Sensors NIR-Sensor reflection
NIR-Sensor transmission
Software Chemometric Software Specter
Ambient conditions
   Environment temperature
   Product temperature

-20°C to +40°C
 >0°C to +70°C

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