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All Harrer & Kassen devices provide current outputs (0/4 - 20 mA) for transmitting the measuring results. Additionally you can also transmit the results via a serial interface (RS 232 or RS 485) to our data collection software VISUAL Specter. There your measurements are saved in a database and you have the possibility to display the results graphically.

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Data collection

Our VISUAL Specter - software takes care that the results measured by our instruments are collected and stored safely into a database.
The data transmission is taken place via serial communication (RS 232 or optional RS 485)
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Thus your data are not 'only collected' the software also provides an excellent overview about the collected data's. With one view you know all.
Additionally you can setup freely definable borders where the measured value is changing to red when it is outside your range. Thus you 'seized' with only one view whether your product is within the given tolerances or not.

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