Calibration software Specter


With the HK4 (NIR-spectralyser) the basis calibration of the components is accomplished with the Specter software . Additionally you can modify these calibrations with the soft-keys on the evaluation device.

In order to receive best results of measurements it is very important to do a very good calibration. With our Specter - Software we provide you an excellent tool for the calibration.

The software contains 3 main functions:

Collect spectra's

With only one click you can collect a spectra
You have also the possibility to collect several spectra's at one time and a mean calculation is done automatically. This is very helpfully if your samples have a big variation.

After collecting the spectra's are displayed graphically.

Compare spectra's and calibrate

To get an overview how your samples differentiate from each other you have got the possibility to compare all or only selected spectra's. There are different standardization's for the compare of spectra's available.

After comparison it's just 1 click to get an calibration.

Verify the calibration

To verify your calibration you can look at the residual error diagram of the collected spectra's.

In this diagram it is very easy to see if you have some measuring errors or out liners in your calibration. You can re measure or just exclude them from your calibration.

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