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Harrer & Kassen GmbH

Welcomme to the
Harrer & Kassen GmbH in the northern black forest. We are developer and producer of in-line and laboratory instruments.

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Laboratory measurement

Our newly developed HK12 is suitable for the simultaneouse determination of up to 10 organic components in liquid products with different consistencies....
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Laboratory measurement

The Low-Cost laboratory device HK11 was developed for the pure fat analysis in the meat- and sausage industry.

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Laboratory measurement

The particuLAB is an laboratory device for the simultaneouse determination of up to 10 organic components in solid, pasty and powdery products....
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In-Line instrument

Wherever moisture or total solids are relevant measurement parameter.

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In-Line instrument

The HK9 Spectrometer is a non-contacting measurement device for the continuously moister and densy measurement.

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In-Line instrument

The HK8 is a NIR reflexion measurement device for the continouosly moisture or solid measurement.

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The EUREKA sign stands for Innovation.
Companies where a certain portion of their turnover invest in research and develop marketable products can use the EUREKA sign. Since 2009 we are allowed to use the EUREKA sign for advertising purposes.
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